On Homecoming and Identity

There is a Mexican film entitled Ni De Aqui, Ni De Alla (“Not from Here, Not from There”). It is about an indigenous woman, La India Maria, who leaves Mexico to work in Los Angeles, California. She quickly assimilates to life in the United States. Eventually, she returns to Mexico, where she realizes that her country has changed so much it is unrecognizable. She no longer belongs to the Mexico she left behind, but she does not belong to America, either. Like a lot of Mexican-Americans, I often feel the same way. We frequently feel the weight of that hyphen … Continue reading On Homecoming and Identity

The Rotunda

A few weeks back I went to the courthouse on business. I hate going there but there’s really no way to avoid it. I reluctantly got all my documents ready and drove. Right before you go in, you have to go through security so I got ready beforehand to avoid too much hassle. The girl working security was in her early twenties, hair a little mess, and dark skin. The metal detector began beeping so I told her it was probably my boots. She took out a handheld metal detector to scan my whole body. Beginning at the feet, up … Continue reading The Rotunda

A Moral Quandary

Before I tell you my moral dilemma I need to explain that current day Alaska is practically the wild west. The majority of industries here are male-dominated, ( i.e. Lumber, Fishing, Mining ) so women are not in abundance around here. Many parts of the state are still developing, and living is expensive. It is just not economical for many women to move here. Every summer, thousands of men come looking for work and go back once the season is over. What can I tell you? They need women. For those who stay, the following scenario seems completely normal. My … Continue reading A Moral Quandary

Shooting Bambi

Just a few days ago, I was speaking to my family about what it feels like to shoot an animal, to go hunting. Soon, the conversation turned to Bambi and how it characterized hunting. So I watched it again to see what if I could see anything I had not seen when I was a kid. Bambi- Everyone remembers the scene in Bambi where the hunter shot Bambi’s mom. We felt sad because they were talking animals, cute talking animals. They were basically children. Except they weren’t. People that grew up on farms or in hunting families know that you … Continue reading Shooting Bambi